Milestones used to implement the satanic agenda - how do the pieces fit

Feb 1, 2015

The two Ukraines from Lenin to fake Putin - for dummies

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's confectionery company keeps producing sweets in Russia during the genocide of russian speakers in the Ukraine": one of the illuminati jokes about russians unable to react to the rule of traitors.
Jan 21, 2017 - Poroshenko announced plans to shut down his key asset in Russia.

Reminder from Feb 1, 2015, added text signaled by date: 

The two Ukraines: from Lenin to fake Putin: for dummies:
"The russian speaking v the ukrainian speaking Ukraine" is an illuminati script fully launched almost 100 years ago.
It illustrates how illuminati can fulfill their religious commandment to mock and humiliate the human cattle while advancing KEY agendas:
- break-up of Russia, ongoing
- carry out the genocide of slavs, starting with russians (during World War II, restarted May 2014 with the Odessa pogrom, ongoing)
- supply Hitler's III Reich military with cannon futter (during the Second World War, restarted 2014 with ukrainian military deployed around the world)
- resurrect Hitler, part of the ongoing proclamation of the IV Reich (the "real Ukraine" was casted to set several milestones).

1. Russian speaking Ukraine
The first Ukraine was delivered to the second one by the traitorous impersonator of murdered Putin, an illuminazi agent.
"Putin annects Crimea" was a theater act, served in "black is white", to divert from the third and final act.
The first act was executed by illuminazi agent Lenin: the creation of Ukraine to strip Russia from its most productive soil.
The second act, three decades later by Khruschev: Crimea, the crown jewel, transferred from Russia to the Ukraine.
In other words: by the gang that got this order from Hitler, as soon able to murder and replace Stalin with one of their members: "Wait until the day that I will be 3333 weeks old".
Side note: as for the day that Hitler would be 6666 weeks old and as illuminati keep postponing the "resurrection of Obama Bi(nla)den": one of the script's versions has it "a day of Last Trumpe(nce)ts".
Note about the side note: Jul 2016: "nce" added to Trumpets. 20 Jan 2017: released as "inauguration of Trump Pence".

2. Ukrainian speaking Ukraine
Used by illuminati media as a synoym of the supporters of the regime installed in Kiev after the staged coup alias the "Maidan revolution".
These nazis are among the ultimate illustrations for illuminati mocking human cattle, humans totally reduced to beasts.
The same SLAVS who Hitler wanted to either exterminate or turn into SLAVES.
Hitler proclaimed most slavs as "unfit for Germanization" and thus "to be expelled from the areas marked out for German settlement".
Some of them, in the Ukraine, are now casted multiple times as "first ones after the fall of the III Reich to ..." milestones:
- european government calling subhumans to (millions of) its own citizens, the "moskals"
- military forces wearing nazi symbology 
- progroms in Europe, more precisely against other slavs.

The Nazis maintained that for example the Northern Russians had Nordic traits such as light hair and light eye color and were racially fit to be a part of the master race. 
The Nazis also considered some percentages of young Slavs like Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians, and Belarusians to be the sufficient subjects for Germanisation. 
However, it was believed that for instance the Polish people were too patriotic and would ultimately resist Germanisation, what resulted in the Generalplan Ost, according to which all of the Slavs from East-Central Europe were destined to be expelled from the European continent by the Third Reich. 
Nevertheless, the Nazi Germans eventually decided to exterminate the Poles, so as the vast majority of the Slavic people who, along with the jewish people and Gypsies, were defined as Untermenschen, dangerous for the Germanic peoples representing the master race.

Under Generalplan Ost, all Slavs unfit for Germanization were to be expelled from the areas marked out for German settlement. 
In considering the fate of the individual nations, the architects of the Plan decided that it would be possible to Germanize about 50 per cent of the Czechs, 35 per cent of the Ukrainians and 25 per cent of the Byelorussians. 
The remainder would have to be deported to western Siberia.

Russian speaking Ukraine: historic roots: agents "Lenin" and Khruschev at work:
Crimea: the REAL script explained in advance 
ENDLESS DECEPTION milestones: "Thank you very much Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! Putin is super! God bless him!" - Crimea Sevastopol March 2014
Crimea - THE REAL story . milestone in Black is white - Yet TRUTH remains worldwide ONLY here

Slavs brainwashed into "Heil Hitler" salutes: beasts marked by the beast

All planned to terrorize not only ukrainians but also the global audience:
May 2014 - Odessa Mass murder in live stream, remix of staged Kiev riots and Kristallnacht 1938
Instead of Jews and synagogues now it's the Trade Union building and political resisters who are set on fire.
Those who run out of the building are either:
- lynched while they try to get a breath of air and bodies still burn. 
- or arrested for the crime of having surived.

The original date for the act "Osama resurrects" was Easter Sunday. It had to be postponed SIX times, three of them already after the act "missing Boeing 777".
Obama Bin Laden resurrection: FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays