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Sep 22, 2016

Syria truce UN aid convoy bombed hoax v Dresden 1945

Syria "truce": UN aid convoy bombed hoax 
Fake bombings served non-stop. Previous episode, two days earlier: "US Coalition Aircraft Strike Syrian Army Positions, at least 62 Assad soldiers dead".
Article includes a comparison with Dresden bombings 1945.

Syria "UN aid covoy bombed before any food could be delievered to besieged rebel held areas"
- Differences to Dresden 1945
- How it was staged
- Agendas

Sep 21, two weeks into the "cease-fire", following the psy-op "UN aid covoy bombed", Illuminati media headlines: "Russia, US clash at UN as air strikes pound Aleppo". Correct is: 
Russia, US & 60 more UN puppet states pound rebel held Aleppo with air strikes, from barrel to incendiary bombs.
"Truce" same as since US (Sep 2014) and Russia (Sep 2015) officially joined Assad/Iran in bombing the real rebels under the pretext of bombing ISIS (which are in fact part ot the illuminazi military).

Sep 21, two weeks into the "cease-fire", Illuminati media: "Russia, US clash at UN as air strikes pound Aleppo".
Correct title: 
"Truce" same as since US (Sep 2014) and Russia (Sep 2015) officially joined Assad/Iran in bombing the real rebels under the pretext of bombing ISIS (which are in fact part ot the illuminazi military).

Syria "UN aid covoy bombed before any food could be delievered to besieged rebel held areas" vs Dresden bombings 1945.
Same as Dresden 1945, when only one word had to be enquoted: both the "leaders" of the bombers (puppets Churchill, Roosevelt) and the leader of the bombed belong to one and the same secret society.
The detailed comparison reveals that in the current case the statement needs additional quotes.

Differences to Dresden 1945 
1. Now, as expected from the Laws of Reductionism, you have to additionally enquote: 
- "bombers" and "bombed", because it's yet another fake blood psy-op. 
- the "leader" of the "bombed", Ban Ki-Moon, playing UN Secretary General, yet another puppet. 
Reminder: Dresden 19145: Adolf Hitler was not only the official leader of the bombed in Dresden but also, as Illuminati Grand Master before, during and after World War II, the real leader of the bombers.

2. Bombing of Dresden 1945: agendas included a last attempt to rally germans under Hitler. 
Now it's the opposite: another attempt to have bombed civilians (not to be confused with this UN "bombed" convoy) rally against the rebels.

3. Dresden was scripted as "no doubts about who are the leaders of the bombers", a role played by puppets Churchill and Roosevelt, who were doing nothing but to execute orders of Adolf Hitler. 
The script now: "UN, New York: Kerry and Lavrov have an extraordinary emotional dispute over who is responsible for the bombings" while what is suggested is: "not an air strike, the rebels did it".

4. The only targets of the Dresden bombings were civilians, same as "US and Russia bomb ISIS in Syria": fake wars with real blood, avoiding any hits on the illuminazi military.
In 1945 the audience in the US and UK was not aware of it (same as since 2013 with ISIS) because it was obviously not reported by the same illuminati media (from BBC to the New York Times) that had concealed the Holocaust and how Paulus's army was being defeated at the battle of Stalingrad.
Now the psy-op starts with the grotesque pushed to the utter limits: one of the "leaders" of the "bombers" is also one of the "leaders" of the "bombed":
The impersonator of murdered Putin is president of bomber Russia, one of the UN Security Council members, playing "one of the world leaders" (together with the USA), which includes the power to veto resolutions.

How it was staged
Same as similar previous psy-ops in Syria, the cast includes fake rebels. 
Same as "first moments of boy dressed in orange rescued after air strikes", staged just before the "truce", some of the actors are dressed as "White Helmets".

Syria: UN aid convoy "bombed" psy-op - Agendas
1. Stage illuminati theater "US v Russia". The BIG LIE technique (the bigger the lie the more people will believe it) gives these headlines: "US, Russia take Syria battle to new heights". 

2. Divert with staged fake blood from real blood, the criminal bombings of syrian civilians, ongoing since 2011.

3. Suggest that "the rebels did it", in this case to also discredit the "White Helmets" end times heroes, the first responders to the criminal air strikes against civilians.

4. Have a pretext to justify "halt to aid deliveries". Notes:
- the "HALT" word is itself a psy-op, since there were no deliveries at all.
- the main agendas of the "truce" psy-op include pushing "demoralize the civilians under siege" to the utter limits, passing the message "give up all hope of ever getting food and halt to the bombings".

5. Have human cattle see "uninterrupted bombings, no aid" as "continuation of aid deliveries after disruption".
This agenda resumes to "RESUME aid" headlines, with "RESUME" playing the same role that "HALT" previously did.
"Airstrike hits medics in Syria as UN moves to resume aid" headlines resume all this by simply mixing "truth in plain sight" and "black is white", two commandments of the illuminati religion.

Sep 21/22 - illuminati theater "US v Russia"
Russia, US clash at UN as air strikes pound Aleppo
The bigger the lie ... : illustration includes the FULL 41 minutes video payload:
US, Russia take Syria battle to new heights
Video: Lavrov, Kerry clash on Aleppo aid convoy attack at UN Security Council meeting on Syria (FULL)

Sep 21 - Two examples for "RESUME"
UN says 'ready' to resume Syria aid convoys
Airstrike hits medics in Syria as UN moves to resume aid

Headlines fulfill two commandments:
Sep 21 - Russia, US clash at UN as air strikes pound Aleppo

MH17 Boeing 777, east Ukraine alias Novorussia, 2014; UN aid convoy, Syria, 2016: two hit hoaxes in perfect parallel scripts with a pint of reverse

Illuminati apparently air bombing themselves - Reductionism: Germany to Syria: 
From real bombs 1945 to videos repackaged as black is white and videos created with computer graphics.
From Hitler's Dresden 1945 to Bamyan Buddhas 2001 and Palmyra 2015:

Palmyra: staged "capture" by ISIS and coming "liberation" by Assad: Same as UN aid convoy "bombed": U-turn technique

Sep 21, 2016 - Russia monitoring "truce" - More of the same satanic mockery of the syrian genocide

World War III: original script released 1943 was a remake of original WW2 script, two of the ultimate reductions of illuminati end times.
The first reduction is implicitly stated: again the same original script.
The second reduction is what the original script was: a fake war with real blood.
The ultimate reason for all this: proving the illuminati anti-bible true, in particular that "Armageddon is a lie".
At the end of the day not only WW2  but also World War III started as a real war mixed with fake wars.
As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism some of these fake wars were additionally reduced to fake blood.

For the Grand Master now start with the ultimate example for the influence of only ONE man in the History of End Times.
Paradoxically that man is Stalin not any of the Illuminati Grand Masters (currently Hitler's great nephew Alexander Adolf), and that for not only one but two related reasons: two other of Stalin's Four End Times Paradoxes 

Jun 14, 2016

Orlando shooting, fake blood gay club jokes

Orlando, Florida, fake blood at gay club: Agendas, Illuminati jokes 
Reminder of Last Prophet's one day after the Pulse shooting hoax.

Fake mass blood setting the stage for the real deal:
- disarmed citizens before guillotines and gas chambers from USA to EU
- ground troops in Syria.

Some of the related Illuminati jokes
1.Having the actor playing shooter in IMDB, the actors database

2. Having homosexuals mourn the fake blood just before they are transported to the extermination camps.
This mockery is pushed one day later to "After Gay Club Massacre – Phoenix LGBT Officially ENDORSES TRUMP".:

3. "shooter Omar Mateen may not have understood the difference between ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah"
The joke is served as "confused, perhaps even incoherent" as the "shooter" supposedly pledged allegiance: 
- to both ISIS and Hezbollah, what in fact only apparently contradicts what's really going on in Syria (these supposed enemies are in fact both part of the IV Reich forces protecting Assad)-
- as well to Al-Nusra.
- no ISIS mercenaries were killed in action in Syria by the supposed enemy Russia/USA/Assad/Iran/Hezbollah (there's no ISIS in Iraq where rebels are falsely portrayed as ISIS).
- In Syria no other group has inflicted more casualties to ISIS and to Hezbollah than Al-Nusra, a group that is falsely portrayed as part of the illuminati creation known as Al-Qaeda.

Notes - reference for the mentioned Illuminati jokes
Omar Mateen, the terrorist who murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando last weekend, appeared in a documentary about the BP oil spill, Gretchen Carlson reported this afternoon.
In the 2012 documentary "The Big Fix," Mateen is shown being interviewed while working as a security guard after the 2010 oil spill. 
In the clip, he criticized BP's cleanup efforts after the disaster.
"Omar Mateen" im the IMDB database "as himself"

Jun 13 - After Gay Club Massacre – Phoenix LGBT Officially ENDORSES TRUMP

Jun 13 - Omar Mateen may not have understood the difference between ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah
During the attack, Mateen placed a 911 call and told the operator that his actions were motivated by his hardcore Islamist beliefs. 
However, Mateen's comments about Islam suggested that while his viewpoints were no doubt extreme, they were also confused, perhaps even incoherent.
FBI Director James B. Comey said that during his 911 calls, Mateen said he was a supporter of the Islamic State, the extremist Sunni group also known as ISIS that controls a significant expanse of territory in Syria and Iraq. 
Media outlets linked to the Islamic State later claimed Mateen as their own, describing him as "one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America."
Comey said that during the calls, Mateen also mentioned Moner Mohammad Abusalha, a fellow Floridian who had traveled to Syria to fight with Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. Mateen had been investigated by the FBI for his contact with Abusalha in 2014, but the case was quickly closed. Abusalha returned to Syria, where he killed himself in a suicide attack.
Further confusing matters, Comey also revealed that in "inflammatory and contradictory" comments to co-workers in 2013, Mateen had claimed to be a member of Hezbollah, the Shiite militia based in Lebanon.

Illuminati in disarray order "Putin" to send 15,000 soldiers to Syria
"US failed to part rebels from Al-Nusra, asks not to bomb them - Lavrov" - for dummies
Illuminati in disarray as 24/7 air bombing civilians didn't work and now "Putin" was ordered to send thousands of soldiers.
Illuminati pushing the risk of having their agent "Putin" exposed by asking russian soldiers to die supposedly for Assad in fact for the same IV Reich using the Kiev regime to carry out since March 2014 the genocide of 20 million russians across the border.
Syria: Aleppo Khan Tuman liberated and missing Boeing 777 - BIG BANG postponed again

Reminder of what was explained in advance worldwide only by Last Prophet and is now already unfolding, from the Ukraine to the Philippines:
BIG BANG: the most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever.
The ultimate reverse script starts with a sudden inversion just before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest.
Some of the scripts that will be suddenly inverted:
1. Multiracial society and open borders becomes manhunt for aliens and non-whites 
2. Legalize drugs becomes execution of drug addicts
3. "Gay marriage legalized" becomes manhunt for homosexuals.
4. "Ultra-nationalists" become "our national heroes"
5. Staged democracy becomes Hitler was right
See also the added preview section with unfolding examples.:n-of-illuminati.html