Milestones used to implement the satanic agenda - how do the pieces fit

Apr 30, 2014

Kenya president Kenyatta in cast of several milestones of illuminati theater

Kenya "elections": all illuminati theater, "christian" Kenyatta and "muslim" Odinga are BOTH illuminazi agents. 
Agendas include genocide of christians extended to countries where they are the majority.

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and the rest of the Kenya puppet gov were assigned the leading role in a number of milestones of illuminati agendas, including:
- genocide of christians.
- acceptance of the International Court for War Crimes at the Hague, one of the instituional pillars of the Global Slavery agenda.
- destruction of natural sports.
- staging false flags with fake victims (used to advance several agendas, from legalizing the terror state to justifying participation in attacks to other countries).
- destruction of the family.
- dehumanization of women.

Milestones of type illuminati theater:
- 2007: first episode of the International Court for War Crimes where the indicted president is not a resister but an illuminati puppet just playing a role.
- 2013: first false flag where both "attackers" and "victims" are actors and it's staged in public.
In the Nairobi Westgate Mall act 2013 there were people running around who were not aware that it was all staged.
Reminder: that was not the case in the first of such acts supposedly staged in public, the Boston marathon bombings, where the finish area had previously been cleared of anyone not in the cast.

Other milestones
- 2007: first overwhelming christian country where in some areas christians are targeted for genocide.
- 2013: first time that the agenda of falsely accusing the champions of natural sports was pushed to the limits, with the list of victims extended to kenyan athletes.
Reminder: Kenyan and ethiopian long distance runners dominate almost completely due to the natural advantage of living at equatorial high plateaus. 
- 2014: Kenya, first country with a majority of christians to legalize polygamy.

Uhuru Kenyatta

Religion in Kenya - 82.5% christians

Kenya Mall attack TOTALLY staged. Timed by the illuminati with REAL massacre of christian Pakistanis attending mass

2014: Kenya first christian country to legalize polygamy


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