Milestones used to implement the satanic agenda - how do the pieces fit

May 3, 2007

Lovelace to Lewinsky, Deep Throat to Blow-Job, Resignation to Acquital, Carter to GW Bush, Vietnam to Armageddon

Watergate and Lewinsky - similar scripts, differences related to different stages of associated agendas

The illuminati scripts for Nixon's Watergate and Clinton's Lewinsky (1) were very similar:
- distacting from the war;
- implementing the porn agenda;
- selling the Reps. vs. Dems "democracy"; (2)
- preparing the ground for the next president in the illuminati agenda.

Interestingly the "differences" are related to what stages of the related agendas are served:

From Linda Lovelace to Monica Lewinsky, from Deep Throat to Blow-Job, From Nixon to Clinton, From Resignation to Acquital, From Carter to GW Bush, from Vietnam to Armageddon
Below a comparison of the different stages of the main agendas related to Watergate and Lewinsky.

Distracting from the war:
- Watergate: distracting from the END of the Vietnam war, as the illuminati knew the defeat was imminent.
- Lewinsky: distracting from the BEGIN of the Bombing of Serbia, i.e. what the illuminati thought would be the begin of a short campaign to One World Government and in fact turned out to be the begin of World War III.
In 1998 the illuminati web of disinformation played this exactly in the opposite direction, i.e. claiming that the ultimatum to Serbia was to distract from Lewinsky and the "Impeachement".

Implementing the porn agenda:
- Watergate: the begin of the pornography agenda, i.e. using it as a key weapon to brainwash the masses. Some of the details for promoting "Deep Throat", the tool the illuminati selected to full launch the agenda, included staging the "persecution" of porn by "conservative" Nixon and the "deep throat" designation for the Watergate "source".
- Lewinsky: the completion of the pornography agenda, making it daily part of prime news, i.e. as even six years old children could not escape being confronted with it.

Selling the Reps. vs. Dems "democracy":
- Watergate: the completion of the script with the resignation of Nixon was an ideal act to sell it;
- Lewinsky: the defense of the "moral values" by the "conservatives" was again the perfect act to sell it. The acquital was again an ideal act to seal the destruction of those values.

Preparing the ground for the next president:
- Watergate: the "liberal" Carter was the role required following the resignation act; for instance to cover-up the Vietnam defeat or to legalize and openly promote pornography.
- Lewinsky: the "christian fundamentalist" Bush was the role required to upscale the "humanitarian" war of official liar under oath Clinton... to the wars of the president that would have to play the role of never being caught telling the truth, not even once (3). The reason why the illuminati script had Clinton acquited, despite the ultimate lie, i.e. under oath.

(1) The script for Lewinsky and the Clinton "impeachment" was explained in detail by Matt Marriott in the CNN forums 1998. 9 years later nobody seems to have got it yet...
Archived first January 2003.
(2) Staging democracy one of basic acts - more on how it works in "Illuminati exposed"
(3) Wait a moment... There were times when Bush did tell the truth, right?


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