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May 9, 2007

Paris Hilton "I'm too beautiful for jail" vs. OJ Simpson "He is too rich and famous for jail

An example of how the illuminati theater (1) is scripted to serve multiple Illuminati agendas, in this case an illuminati icon (2), Paris Hilton, previously used to sell the pornography and "rich and famous" agenda to the youth. This time the act sells the "Drugs" and "Lies" agendas and is used as "Safety Valve".
It also illustrates (see the two patagraphs added later, at the end) how each act in the script depends on how important each agenda currently is: the script prefers to have Paris Hilton"jailed", i.e. to serve the "Safety Valve" agenda (staging the jailing), instead of having the "Paris Hilton not guilty" act, since the "New Justice" agenda (decisive script was the 1994-1995 OJ Simpson process and "not guilty" veredict) has now been advanced enough.
Illuminati Media Launchs Script
The script is launched in the illuminati media as illuminati icon (Paris Hilton) selling an illuminati organization (MySpace) and the "New Justice" message (too beautiful for jail)
Paris Hilton pleads on her MySpace page to avoid jail for her "mistake"
JAIL-BOUND socialite Paris Hilton has urged fans to sign a petition to pardon her "mistake" because she "provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives". She wrote on her blog: "My friend Joshua started this petition, please help and sihn (sic) it. i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!",23663,21698892-10388,00.html

Paris Hilton Petition = Multiple Agendas
The first agenda served by the message of Illuminati icon Paris Hilton is "I'm too beautiful for jail", i.e. the "new justice" agenda, for which black and sports icon OJ Simpson was used to set the "He is too rich and famous for jail" milestone.

#1 - Paris Hilton "I'm too beautiful for jail" vs. OJ Simpson "He is too rich and famous for jail"
In this case the title "I'm too beautiful for jail" directly states the agenda behind the "jailing" Paris Hilton act, besides being packaged as illuminati joke.
"I'm too beautiful for jail for just drinking too much" is another repetition of the KEY act used to change what was perceived as justice, at the final leg of road 666: "jailing" OJ Simpson, as part of the "I'm too rich and too famous for jail for just murdering too much".
The circumstancial difference was that in the case of OJ Simpson the illuminati did not stage it from the beginning, i.e. the murders were not planned by the illuminati.

It is not difficult to see which other agenda items are served, right? Hint: pick up MySpace at the top or the "christians" at the botom of the article.

(1) Illuminati theater staged to sell the illuminati agenda - example
Lovelace to Lewinsky, Deep Throat to Blow-Job, Resignation to Acquital, Carter to GW Bush, Vietnam to Armageddon
(2) "Illuminati icon", an expression coined by Matt Marriott, as defined above, icon is used implicitly as "icon for the sheeple".
Illuminati icons: designed to serve the illuminati agenda - examples
Pamela Anderson, Stephen Hawking, Pope John Paul II, Louise Veronica "Madonna" Ciccone: illuminati icons

Added June 4, 2007

Paris Hilton jail script used for a different agenda as OJ Simpson.

In the case of Paris Hilton, the illuminati preferred to use their icon (for the human cattle) for a different purpose.
Since the "sentence", a few days, is easy to be staged (i.e. pretending that Paris Hilton is in prison), the illuminati used Paris Hilton as a safety valve.
Paris Hilton gets punished, but not Bush or Cheney. This is supposed to satisfy non-thinking people's sense of justice.

Paris Hilton was not used for the "new justice" agenda, i.e. "I'm too beautiful for jail" because the illuminati no more need to stage such cases to establish the new justice.
It has already been done.

Added June 29, 2007
Two weeks after Paris Hilton "tears", illuminati media presents the "crowds" cheering Paris Hilton "release" from jail. Finally the illuminati unveil the other main role for Paris Hilton  in the jailing script. This time is not the pornography agenda, it is the drugs and lies agenda.
Larry King, Paris Hilton, drugs agenda and illuminati icons

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