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Nov 7, 2008

Missing link between Homosexual Marriage in California and suicide Obomber Obamessiah: Voting machines

Illustrating the Illuminati agendas before the predicted associated events come to pass... not even that can help, once you have reached the point of total brainwash.

Why voting machines did not switch Homosexual Marriage in California - Illuminati agenda for dummies

Why were the voting machines "just" used to inflate to near 50% the "NO" vote,  i.e. the "result" for those opposing Proposition 8, which in illuminati terminology must be packaged as to "Eliminate" the "Right" of Same-Sex Couples to "Marry", yet letting the final result still follow what the large majority of the population voted for, i.e. the victory of  "YES" vote? (1)
The main reasons why the voting machines did not switch the final result:
- to remind the sheep of the agenda "your vote does not count" (2), once the ban of same sex "marriage" will be declared to be a "violation of the constitution". This is also used as part of the second reason:
- to minimize riots, once Clinton replaces Obama, still before December 15, using the acceptance by association technique (3). This is how it works: the "liberal" brainwashed crowds acclaiming the Obamessiah will be more prone to accept that the Supreme Court decides that Obama "must" exit the race short after the illuminati drop  the bomb (4), i.e. that the voters who elected him president are not respected. The association: days before the bomb is dropped those "liberals" were not only accepting but also cheering the decision to overrule the vote of the majority supporting the "conservative" Propositions.

A collateral benefit for the illuminati agenda while staging this act is to keep the masses believing that "elections" with voting machines are not rigged, i.e. government is "conservative" and they did not change the final results although the difference between "YES" and "NO" was small. (5)

Notes (any first result of the google searches below is legit, as of today)

(2)  The agenda "your vote does not count" is part of the last stage during the transition to the terror state



(5) Illuminati jokes: as the propositions were "voted", the illuminati set new limits for using voting machines to multiply votes: McCain declared to get 52 million when in fact he got...


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