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Mar 31, 2015

Nigeria : "Muslim" Buhari claims victory over "christian" Jonathan in historic vote: for dummies

Nigeria Rigged election Illuminati Script for dummies
Officially deliver christian majority to an illuminazi agent playing muslim, while "christian" Jonathan plays suicide bomber.
Part of the "Genocide of christians" agenda, ALL explained in advance by Last Prophet

Nigeria: unfolding HORRIBLE TRUTH explained in advance yet stil not FULLY visible to anyone else in the audience
What already unfolded:
- "muslim" defeats "christian" in a country where muslims are not only a minority but is the african country with the largest christian population.
Note: the "muslim winner" is casted as a former dictator who publicly "converted" to democracy months earlier.
- president Goodluck Jonathan the first to recognize defeat, or in other words to validate the totally rigged results where the sky is the limit, thanks to e-vote. 

Even more incredible: one day later everyone else in the audience still fails to FULLY get what is unfolding
At least there was one lonesame exception for one of the chapters of the script: a party member and former minister, Elder Orubebe, interrupted the announcement of the "results" by the electoral commission as they were being broadcasted on TV to denounce the fraud. 

("Muslim") Buhari defeats ("christian") Jonathan in historic election landslide: 
March 31, 2015 - chaotic scenes at the main vote counting centre for the Nigerian elections in the capital, Abuja.
The representative of the governing PDP, Elder Orubebe, interrupted the announcement of results, accusing the electoral commission of fraud.
Nigeria President Jonathan hailed as hero for conceding election defeat

Kenya "election" 2017: same script as Nigeria with variations in coreography. Start here: 
2014 Apr: Kenya president Kenyatta, supposedly a christian, cast to set several milestones.
From first country with a majority of christians to legalize polygamy to these acts of illuminati theater:
first staged terror attacks with fake victims in public in Africa; first "president indicted by the The Hague Court" who is an actor not a resister.

May 2014 - Search in a race against the clock: this time BEFORE Boko Haram leader will sell them in the market.
Kidnapped Nigeria girls missing parody: parallel scripts: from Haram Harem to Obama Osama

Reminder from Dec 2013:
Genocide of christians agenda by illuminati: HORRIBLE TRUTH from Ivory Coast to South Sudan

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